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Why Women Have Lower Car Insurance Rates

While ladies and men may debate which sex is more safe on the road, a new report makes it clear that women drivers are far more certain to suffer grave injuries than men drivers in similar kinds of auto accidents. This is one of the reasons women cheapest car insurance quotes are lower than men. Men take more risks. However, some women are starting to take more risks too according to statistics.

The study, released in 2011 by the North American Book of Public Health revealed that compared to men that were wearing seat belts, girls wearing seat belts were 47 percent likelier to suffer serious wounds in similar crashes, for example those at the same speeds.

Girls also were more certain to suffer chest and spinal wounds in these crashes than men were. The study inspected info from 2001 to 2010 picked up by the Nation’s Road Safety Administration from more than 45,000 U.S. Crashes. One potential culprit in the sex opening highlighted in the study: Analysts say auto safety could be “biased” towards men, as men are three times more probable to be concerned in automobile crashes than girls.

The House of Representatives has made a call on the Nationwide Road Traffic Safety Administration to judge the “shocking” study and do something to protect women drivers. The government has done a good job of getting US people to buckle up but now it has to buckle down when talking about correcting any incongruity between girls and men in auto safety.

No single factor explained the higher injury risk for women drivers. Actually one or two issues might be putting ladies in larger danger. As an example, ladies have a tendency to lean forward more when driving, which boosts the chance of injury from a quickly employing air bag. Leaning forward also makes girls more inclined to side-impact wounds.

Given the study’s discoveries, what can women drivers do to rein in their possibility of being wounded in an automobile crash? Consider the automobile. Due to their typically shorter standing, ladies may wish to look at driving automobiles that a Consumer Reports review determined are better for shorter motorists.

Among the 2011 models in that class were : Acura MDX; BMW 750 Li; Honda contract EX-L; Honda Odyssey EX-L; Lexus ES 350; Lexus LS 460L; Mercedes-Benz S550; Nissan Maxima 3.5 SL; Saab 9-3; Subaru Forester 2.5XT Limited.

Fixing your posture instead of sitting up near to the wheel, think about the posture NASCAR drivers use, with their arms absolutely extended, eyes centered forward and body positioned further back from the steering wheel. The Insurance Institute for Road Safety advocates keeping at least ten inches between your chest and the center of the wheel.

Get support for your back in the lumbar region. Employ a lumbar region support to hinder you from slumping forward. This will help you get the best benefit while driving.

Check your seat belt so it should fit soundly and easily. If it hits close to your neck or alternatively does not fit correctly, consider purchasing a gadget which changes the position of your seat belt so it’s not rubbing against your neck. The seat belt should ideally go over the hips, restraining the bone, not the soft tissues. Make sure to not sit on a pillow or anything more to raise you up on your seat. As an alternative adjust the peak of the seat.

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