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How Will You Spend The Money You Save With Discount Auto Insurance

Save money with auto insurance quote? That’s money back in your pocket – save a little or save a lot car insurance quotes will put money back in your pocket. If your on a budget then you know that one of the greatest feelings you can have is to cut that budget and have extra money left over.

One of the biggest budget areas to cut expenses is on car insurance quotes. Auto insurance companies reward loyal customers with higher rates. You heard me right – higher rates! Think I’m lying to you? Spend a couple of minutes at auto insurance discounters, fill out a quote request and I guarantee you’ll get the cheapest quote you ever received.

What will you do with the money you just saved/ Take an extra vacation, pay off credit cards or put it away for an emergency fund. Whatever you do with the savings it will sure put a smile on your face. Bottom line is if there is a way to cut expenses on car insurance quotes then life is too precious not to take advantage and eliminate as muck of that expense as you can.

After being with one auto insurance company for over 5 years and being told I was getting a preferred customer rate, I decided to check them out. I did what I just told you to do, went to auto insurance discounters, filled out a quote request and within hours I had 5 quotes that were cheaper than my renewal quote I had received from the company that I was a “loyal customer off”.

Do you know what the kicker was? Through this system I received a quote from the company I was a “loyal Customer” of and it was $740.15 less than the one they had sent me at renewal time. I was mad, extremely upset and could of kicked my self for being so stupid and believing that “Loyalty Crap”.

The quote request I did accept was $953.46 cheaper. Thats $158.91 a month cheaper or how about $5.29 a day cheaper than I had been paying. Thats something to shout about, do a little dance or whatever you do when your excited.

What about you, how will you spend the money you save? Just think what that extra money could do for your budget. What would you do with an extra $158.91 a month. Here what’s at stake. You can go to auto insurance quote fill out that quote request, see how much you will save or you can continue to believe that “Loyalty” stuff like I did and pay through the nose. Now I’m not saying everyone will say as much as I did, you might save more or less, but I know for sure you will receive the absolute cheapest auto insurance quote possible. The time to do it is right now!

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