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Are Your Claims Getting Denied?

Thousands of road accident cases are reported on a daily basis to insurance companies. The insurance companies investigate the claims filed by the accident victims to determine the amount of insurance compensation they should receive. In some cases, car insurance companies deny claims for one or more reasons. Claims can be denied completely or partly by the car insurance companies based on the investigation results.

Car insurance companies mail a denial letter to their consumers when they deny claims. You can check the letter to determine whether the denial reason was valid or not. If you have problems understanding the fine prints of the denial letter, you can call up the insurance company with your policy details to obtain an explanation for the denial of your car insurance rate claim. There might be a possibility that your claim was denied due to some error on the part of the insurance company.

You can appeal your car insurance company’s decision, if you think that your claim has been wrongly denied by the best car insurance company. You will have to call up the insurance company to gather relevant information regarding the appeal process. Once you have gathered essential details regarding the appeal process, you should send a letter to the insurance company stating that you would like to appeal against the denied claim. You should support the letter with relevant documents so that your appeal looks strong.

A consumer can also appeal against the denied claim at the State Insurance Commissioner’s office. Alternatively, one can also sue their car insurance company, if one finds out that the claim was denied on bad faith. In either case, one will have to document everything to ensure that evidence can be readily produced upon demand. Insurance companies may deny claims within a matter of a few days. However, they may take few weeks to a few months to process your appeal. One will have to keep in constant touch with the insurance company to follow the progress of the case. By regular contacts, you will not only be able to learn about the progress done in your case, but you will also be able to speed up the claim process. Few car insurance companies may not pay heed to the appeal process, unless they are constantly pressured by consumers.

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