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Why do we think that car insurance is not the best way to protect your car from theft?


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Because the ultimate goal of every insurance company is to minimize their costs in the event of an insurance claim. How insurance companies achieve their goals Distribute risks and responsibilities among all insured persons …

The insurance companies’ tariffs are designed so that payments for claims are covered by the amount of insurance premiums. In other words, the costs of the business leading to the occurrence of an insured event are covered by the owners of the vehicle whose insured event did not occur. This is the reason for the high cost of the insurance policy.

Although there is only a car insurance for theft, it is impossible to insure the car against theft, a policy of this kind would cost almost as much for the owner as for insurance against car theft. Damage. Insurers require the installation of anti-theft systems in the vehicle and the fulfillment of certain conditions to receive payments when the insured event occurs. And if a bad luck happens and the car is stolen, the insurers try to minimize the amount of the payment.

Why is SurruS better? The most important and unique goal of the SurruS project is to return the car to the owner in case of theft! To achieve this goal, we have developed our own search algorithm and search network. And thanks to the blockchain technology in the project, any owner whose car could not be returned can receive 100% of its market value!

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