Personal factors which affects the rates of the car insurance

Who you are affects the premium of your car insurance. So your car insurance company considers these all-about-you factors to compute your monthly payments:

Driving profile

The auto insurance company will look into you driving history and the distance you drive annually among other factors. The lesser speeding tickets and accident history you have, the lower the premium.

Kind of Car

The premium of the car insurance will also be based on what car will you be driving. The auto insurance firm will based it on the price of the car, safety features, and likelihood of being stolen.

Car insurance coverage

The premium will also depend on the kind of coverage you want to get. Of course, the more coverage you want, the higher the monthly payment.

Personal Background

Personal factors like age, home address, and occupation plays a big role in determining you car insurance premium. Younger drivers tend to have higher monthly premiums while your occupation may give the auto insurance company an idea of how much you travel, how much time you spend on the road, and what are the chances of you getting involved in an accident. Where you live also tells them a lot about the risks for car theft, cost of repairs, medical costs, and potential occurrence of accidents.

Drivers that spell disaster on the road

p57 bad driversYou might be very careful when driving but you just can not avoid an encounter with other motorists that can drive you mad.

There will be people who will have their blinkers on for several miles. There will be drivers who will overtake your vehicle, then slow down, and go fast, and slow down again. Drivers like these are really aggravating. Instinct will tell you that you want to let them know what is in your mind (or sometimes your hand). Before you do anything, think twice, not that they will do anything but they can be dangerous.

Telephone Game

What can be more dangerous on the road than someone busy chatting over the cellphone or even worse texting someone. As much as you are tempted to go fast and pass them, the recommended move will be to keep your distance. A big percentage of accidents on the road are due to drivers distracted in one form or another.

Late Blinker

You are about to take a right turn but decided to wait since a car is cruising down the road. You wait for a while. And waited for a bit more just to find out that when he is just about to turn, he flicks on his signal light and turns on the same street you are going to. If this happened to you most of the time, then you are making the right decision of waiting and respecting right of way.

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How AAA Can Benefit You

car trouble winterCar trouble happens.  It happens a lot, in fact.  I speak from experience; I had to get my car towed twice in the last few months — and my dumb butt does not yet have a AAA membership.

So I thought I would let the masses benefit from my dumb buttedness, if you will.

In researching AAA, I have learned that they offer a lot more than free towing, battery assistance, and the ability to get you out of trouble when you lock your fool keys in the car and don’t have a spare.

AAA offers benefits like shopping discounts, driver’s training for teens and other new drivers, even prescription medication programs.

Who can say no to that?

Selling Your Used Car: 1


Selling a car in this day and age is not easy – in fact, it is extremely difficult more of the time, however there are some tips and tricks that you can implement that will help improve your car and certainly assist you with ensuring that your car goes up for sale.

One thing that you need to make sure that you do is ensure your car is clean.  This is one of those things that are very, very important, as you want to make sure that any potential buyers looking at the car, see it is clean.  This might involve you taking it to a detailer, as that is one surefire way to make sure that it is absolutely clean.

Next, you want to make sure that you do some work on it and replace all of the fluids in it.  This is a great thing to put on the sign too, that you kept it up and that it is in fantastic working order.  More in the next blog!

Finding Low Car Insurance Premiums After An Accident!

auto-crashCar insurance is something that is very, very fickle and as soon as you get into a car accident, it is actually a great way to inflate your car insurance rate. Accidents are a natural part of life and they are something that happens, but if you are having problems with you car insurance rate after you have gotten into a car accident, this blog is for you.

There are many different ways that you can find a good car insurance premium, even after you have been in an accident; you just have to look it up.  There are some very common discounts out there and even some car insurance companies that offer up accident forgiveness, which means that you car insurance rate will not go up just because of an accident.

Finding one of these car insurance companies is probably the best way to ensure that your car insurance premium does not go up.

Choosing the Right Insurance Provider

15497-51dgThere are seriously a ton of auto insurance providers out there, and all of them want your business.

They will do whatever they can to get it. They will put the most ridiculous commercials on TV to lure you into their clutches. They will entice you with the wiles of a gecko who speaks in a charming cockney British accent. They will accuse you of being no smarter than a caveman. They will take the serious, solemn approach by making you think your children will die in car accidents if you do not go with their insurance companies. They are good neighbors. They are on your side. They will give you a better life.

Do not believe in this marketing hype. Look to the details; check out the fine print; compare shop.

Quick Tips for Car Insurance Rates

insurance 7Are you aware of what affects your car insurance rates, either positively or negatively? Not a lot of drivers are, so we are going to clear things up in a quick little list!

  • Age: below 25, out of luck; ages 50-65, safest drivers ever.
  • Gender: sorry boys, the ladies are considered safer than you are.  But we’re not gloating (much).
  • Marital status: single suckers, married drivers pay less for their rates.
  • Location: traffic congested suburbs and/or high crime areas, out of luck; low traffic, low crime areas for the win!
  • Driving violations: just hang it up for the next five years or so, or else DRIVE SAFER!
  • Type of vehicle: go ahead and drool over that gorgeous old Jag, but at the same time be happy, because your ’97 Grand Am costs way less to insure.
  • Credit rating: poor credit or no credit, start taking the bus.
  • Education: you are not too cool for school, rack up all the student loans you can, because you’ll be paying less for insurance.

Some Tips For Canceling Your Car Insurance!

break(great for any design)Canceling your car insurance is something that everyone has to go through.  Trust me, I know that I have done it quite a lot of times and I know that it can be difficult, however there are some things that you need to know whenever you are thinking about canceling your car insurance.

One of the first steps that you need to do is make sure that you know exactly what you policy says.  Before anything else is done, you want to just take a peek at your policy and ensure exactly how the payment structure works.

Next, make sure that you contact your insurance provider.  Every car insurance broker actually will have to follow a lot of different steps to cancel a policy, so keep that in mind.

Texting While You Are Driving: Dangerous!

distracted-driving-textingWhen you are driving, it is pretty obvious that a lot of confident drivers think that they can do everything and anything while they are driving – this includes texting.  Did you know that texting while driving actually puts you at risk by 23% more than if you were just paying attention to the road?

While I am guilty of texting while I am driving too, many, many states are actually banning any use of cell phones while you are driving.  To me – I am not sure if I like that, but I can understand the texting portion of it, as that is something that takes concentration.

If you are an avid texter and you have been texting while driving, just know that you are not only at risk, but you could get a ticket for it.

How You Can Drive Safely In The Snow!


Personally, I think that driving in the snow is one of the most stressful things in the world.  Not only do you have to deal with people not paying attention but you really have to make sure that you are focused on exactly where your car might be turning or fishtailing.  There is a way though that you can drive safely in your car in the snow – and that is what we are going to talk about.

Driving in the snow is all about how well you pay attention.  To be perfectly honest, one of the main things that you have to remember whenever you are driving around in the snow is that you need to pay attention.

What this means is that you need to limit or eliminate all of the distractions in your car – which I can promise you have a lot of them in there.

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